For the quarter ending 12/31/10 (actually, the last day in the reporting period is 12/15/10), LEAs are able to submit Quarterly Reports for Title I ARRA only on “Open” projects.  An “open” project is defined as a project that has a budget (FS-10) approved by NYSED’s Grants Finance office.  Below are some conditions that might apply to your LEA:

  1. Because the first day in this reporting cycle is 9/16/10, an LEA could conceivably have some expenditures/activity covered under the 2009-10 project.  If your LEA spent funds out of the 2009-10 FS-10 in the first fourteen days of this reporting period, you should report those activities (i.e., jobs created saved; vendor payments) on this quarter’s Report.
  2. If an LEA has already submitted an FS-10-F for 2009-10 and it has been approved by Grants Finance, the project should show up as “Closed” on your Report page;  unless the 2010-11 FS-10 has been approved by Grants Finance, the LEA would not have anything to report for this quarter (even though there might have been some activity).
  3. An LEA’s 2009-10 project could still be “Open” but there was no activity covered by the 2009-10 project during the current Reporting period.  In that case, the LEA still needs to submit a Report for the current period, but there should be no activity reported (i.e., the jobs saved/created for the current quarter should be zero, and there should be no new Vendor data entered). 
  4. The ARRA Reporting system has done an update against the Grants Finance database as of 12/15/10;  therefore, if an LEA checked before that date and found that there were “No Open Projects” and that LEA knows that they have Title I ARRA expenditures planned for 2010-11, they should check back and see if the 2011-11 budget shows up on their Reporting page.

Only activities performed subsequent to the approval of the FS-10 are eligible for reporting in this system.  Please be patient with the Grants Finance process, as the ARRA program has created a fifty percent increase in their workload with no additional resources available to accommodate that increase. Until an “open” project appears on an LEA’s reporting page, there is no need to submit a Report for that project.

Any questions regarding the Quarterly Report for Title I ARRA should be addressed to T1ARRA@MAIL.NYSED.GOV.  Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

Last Updated: December 17, 2010