Principal Learning Framework Questions and Answers

  1. The Service Provider Form attached in MS Word says that the RFI responses are due on July 20, not July 25. Can you please confirm the due date of the RFI responses?

    Answer: Responses are due by 5 PM on July 25.

  2. Can you please clarify the State’s request for direct services and train the trainer systems? More specifically, it seems from the RFI’s opening language that NYSED wants any selected providers to train the trainer on these services and have others provide throughout the state. However, the descriptions of the different areas make it sound more like the State wants providers to provide direct services to principals and principal developers as well as train the trainer systems. What are NYSED’s assumptions about how many of the listed services would be provided directly by the selected providers and how many would have to be delivered through the “turn-key” trainers.

    Answer: The state’s principal evaluator turn-key training system assumes responsibility for training a limited number of high-caliber, passionate trainers with professional development and leadership backgrounds. These turn-key trainers are tasked with becoming calibrated as high-quality regional trainers in several domains including, but not limited to, evidence-based evaluation of principal practice.

    As such, the State’s initial need is to identify a vendor with the capacity to develop a principal effectiveness learning system and to train turn-key trainers using the system.

    The State recognizes that there may be need, on the regional level, as well as the State level, for additional support and differentiation of training, and therefore is interested in understanding the capacity of vendors to deliver a wide variety of instructional services and resources around evidence-based evaluation of both teachers and principals.

    The interests of a wide variety of schools is represented by this Request for Information, in the sense that NYSED recognizes that schools throughout the State are in different states of readiness for implementing new teacher and principal evaluation systems. Consequently, the RFI explores diagnostic services vendors may be able to provide to the State, as well as to particular groups of schools.

    Finally, NYSED is interested in better understanding the training capacity of vendors. Therefore, as vendors attempt to describe their ability to provide services it would be useful to understand vendor capacity to deliver such services, whether it be large-scale or small-scale delivery capacity, or in a consultant-only capacity.

  3. Are providers being asked if they provide both direct services and train the trainer services for each area or can the provider provide either direct services OR train the trainer services/systems? Can a provider respond that it provides the service if it provides either direct services OR train the trainer services?

    Answer: Determining vendor capacity to deliver services and training is a primary function of an RFI; therefore, vendors should address their capacity to provide services from a number of different angles: capacity to design frameworks and training materials, human resource capacity to deliver consulting and/or training for small- and large-scale environments, etc. NYSED desires to clearly understand the depth of experience and ability in the field around the services described.

  4. Will this RFI be used to help inform the Graduate Level Clinically Rich Principal Preparation Pilot Program RFP, the Leadership Academy RFP and/or other RFPs that the State may be releasing?

    Answer: The information gathered from this RFI will be used to develop teacher and principal learning system RFPs. To the extent applicable, information gathered through this process may also inform the program design of other NYSED projects.

  5. Are there particular areas of service out of the four provided that the State needs to scale more than others? For example the area of Individual Principal Leadership and Skill Development - is the state looking to scale this across the State or is this informing the Graduate Level Clinically Rich Principal Preparation Pilot Program RFP? Does the state have more of a need for scaling the design and delivery of training for principal developers?

    Answer: The State has a particular and most immediate need to scale the design and delivery of training for principal evaluators. Other projects present different delivery of services that do not represent the same scale or time line. RFPs for other projects will be designed and issued to fully articulate project need and scale.

  6. Is NYSED expecting that the providers form partnerships to respond to the RFI or pending RFP(s) or does NYSED expect the providers work directly with the state to provide the services delineated in the RFI? If a provider only provides direct services and another provider offers training the trainer systems, would one entity be able to respond to the RFI that it provides that service if they are partners on that work?

    Answer: NYS procurement law does not prohibit a vendor from partnering with other vendors to provide services. Contract procurement does stipulate that one vendor be identified as the primary vendor for application and award purposes. Bidders are required to comply with NYSED’s Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE) participation goals. The goals are 17% Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and 12% Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).

  7. Does the 2000 character limit only apply if we submit through the website or does it also apply if we respond with a Word or PDF document? If the limit does apply, is there any other opportunity to expand upon the services related to the four areas outside of the 2000 character limit?

    Answer: Vendors are asked to stay within the 2000 character limit.

  8. How is NYSED defining proven services?

    Answer: Proven services are considered services that have realized improved student learning results. A service shall be considered proven through at least two means: letters of reference from clients verifying the success of a service or product to improve student learning results and research that validates a method or design to bring about improved student learning results.

  9. How will the State manage and track the various training efforts that are a part of this project (e.g., registrations, certificates of completion, assessments, etc.)?

    Answer: To the extent that the State needs to, it has the capacity to manage training events, including but not limited to on-line registration and events planning. NYSED does not anticipate the need for support in this area or in the area of certificates of completion or assessments.

  10. Has the State selected a vendor to implement a software solution to support the principal and teacher annual professional performance reviews processes? If so, what vendor is the State working with? If not, how will the State address the issue of rolling out the processes statewide while maintaining fidelity of implementation?

    Answer: The State has not selected a vendor to implement a software solution to support the annual professional performance review processes. At this time, there is no plan to do so.
Last Updated: July 20, 2011 4:53 PM