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Is there a timeline for when/if a Request for Proposals for School Turnaround Educational Services Providers may be released?

NYSED has a tentative date of April, 2011 for releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for school turnaround education services. 

We would like to confirm that “for-profit” EMO’s are eligible to respond to the RFI and subsequent RFP for school turnaround providers? 

Yes, for-profit EMO's are eligible to respond to the Request for Information (RFI) and subsequent RFP.

Is the State Education Department requesting detailed responses to each of the five areas in the New York State Turnaround Framework or just for each respondent to complete the informational chart that is provided with the RFI?

For the purposes of this RFI, we are asking each respondent to simply complete the informational chart that is provided. 

Will the informational charts we complete be posted for review by local school districts in a later process? 

The information we receive at NYSED will be used internally to help create the RFP.  At this time, we are not intending to post the information for review by local school districts.

The Request for Information states, “Parties interested in participating in a possible RFP are encouraged to respond to this RFI.”  Can you please explain what, if any, impact the evaluation of responses will have on the RFP process?  Will NYSED use responses to create a list of vendors that are qualified to response to the subsequent RFP?  Will NYSED use any evaluation of the vendor RFI response in the RFP evaluation?

The responses we receive from the informational charts will be used to help us better frame the RFP itself.  The responses will not be used to create a list of qualified vendors nor will they be used as evaluative tools when we later consider turnaround RFPs.

Are you able to provide a list of definitions of each service listed in the School Turnaround RFI informational chart?

In your response to your question, we are not planning to provide a list of definitions for each service listed.  For the purposes of this RFI, we are trying to obtain a broad base of information.  With this in mind, you should feel free to provide us with any information that you deem relevant to a given service.

When will the complete list of the 243 persistently low achieving schools be available?

We encourage interested parties to visit the NYSED web-site ( where the current persistently low achieving schools are listed.  

Does the definition of “Curriculum Development/training” imply that we should be able to develop curriculum/programs for content areas in partnership with the state and/or district?

Curriculum Development/Training refers to working with schools and districts to create, adjust, develop and align curriculum material (e.g., maps, pacing guides, formative benchmark assessments, etc.) in the content areas.

Does the definition of “Data Systems” under this heading include data systems for student achievement data tied to products? (i.e., a data management system that functions only as tied to products)?

Regarding data systems, we would be looking for information regarding the development and/or coordination of data systems, as well as district, school, and teacher analysis of data with respect to improved instructional strategies. 

What is meant by “Financial Management”?

Fiscal management would refer to broad/long-range matters at the district level, as well as school level grant/budget management. 

What is meant by “Back Office Services”?

For the purposes of this RFI, "Back Office Services" would be such things as security, food service, janitorial services, transportation, human resources, facilities/operations, etc.

Do the instructional categories within the informational chart imply vendors are in the classroom or that vendors are providing professional development, curriculum, and support on these topics?

We would be looking for information regarding vendors working in the classroom and/or providing professional development, curriculum, support, etc.

For the item entitled “Digital learning/Virtual learning/On-line learning,” we request the following clarifications:

  1. Does this category imply student-focused Digital learning/Virtual learning/On-line learning?
  2. Does this category imply teacher-focused Digital learning/Virtual learning/On-line learning?
  3. Could the categories imply either or both?

Regarding Digital learning/Virtual learning/On-line learning, we are interested in information related to student-focused and/or teacher-focused services.

For the item entitled “Partnerships/Educational partnership organizations,” we request the following clarifications:

  1. Does this category imply that we, the Vendor filling out the form, are a Partnerships/Educational partnership organization?
  2. Does this category imply that we have partnerships outside of ourselves and can connect the school system to such partnerships?
  3. Could this imply either or both?

Partnerships/Educational Partnership Organizations would refer to any experience your organization has in the establishment, development, and/or coordination of partnerships and their efforts to turn around low performing schools.

What length of time will providers have to demonstrate success?

The length of time providers will have to demonstrate success will be a relatively short one.  We are interested in information regarding rigorous interventions that hold the promise of rapid improvement for student achievement.  Providers will need to demonstrate success on a semi-annual to annual basis.

How will success be measured? In addition to AYP, what other metrics would be considered?

Success will be measured depending on the types of services provided.  In many cases, student performance data would be most appropriate.  However, in other circumstances client satisfaction surveys or similar alternative assessments would be required to demonstrate success.

Would providers participate in evaluations that count towards rating or performance review; a formal evaluation process; or an informal evaluation/observation process with feedback and coaching?

"Teacher/School Leader Evaluation" would refer to the development, implementation, and/or assessment of evaluations systems.  With respect to informal observations, feedback and coaching, this would depend on the specific service being considered.

What influence might a provider be given over leadership, staffing, implementation of recommended strategies, budgeting and resource allocations?

The RFI informational chart is not necessarily requesting information regarding the degree of influence a partnership is given.

Are the intended receivers of services only the "persistently low performing schools" (PLAs) or are services intended to be provided to SINI and Corrective Action schools in addition to PLAs?

For the purposes of this RFI, we would like information regarding services intended for all schools in accountability status.

In the RFI, should we include information on intended or potential partnerships?

For the purposes of the RFI, it is not necessary to include information regarding intended or potential partnerships.  

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