Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn picture

Executive Director, ReVision Learning

November 2011 & January 2012 NTI Presenter

How Patrick helped our schools: Patrick shared his expertise in establishing teacher evaluation systems in order to support Network Team members in the rollout of New York State’s Annual Professional Performance Review and their understanding of evidence-based observation.


During his 17 years of educational service, Patrick has worked as a teacher, teacher leader, curriculum director and executive program director in K-12 settings in over ten different states.  He has worked with high schools in five different states as both the Executive Director of High Schools for Edison Schools out of New York and as Chief Academic Officer for Great Schools Workshop out of Sacramento, CA.  His work with both organizations has led to a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping schools define organizational structures and quality classroom instruction for improved and sustained student achievement.  Patrick specializes in the development and delivery of high-quality professional development for teachers, principals and district office personnel and has generated hundreds of hours of training delivered on a local, state, and national level on numerous educational topics.  He sits on committee and advisory boards for the development of educational leadership programs helping to define leadership training for both a national level service provider and three state level service organizations.  He has also served as a principal leadership coach providing one-one support services to principals and district personnel in four different states.  His work with classroom teachers as a Curriculum and Instruction Vice President with Edison Schools included the creation of a unit development process to ensure quality teaching and learning, curriculum alignment documents to support standards driven classrooms, and curriculum-based supervision programs designed to promote excellence in teaching.  He most recently served as the Director of Professional Development and School Improvement for the Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) in North Haven, CT.  During his tenure at ACES, Patrick provided leadership to a team of Education Specialists and Support Service Specialists delivering school improvement services in over 26 CT Districts.  Patrick also established service contracts with an international education agency providing school improvement and professional development services in the Middle East.  Patrick and members of his team collaborated on the development of conferences and on-going professional development resources in service to the teachers and administrators of the Abu Dhabi Education Council in the United Arab Emirates as part of their Abu Dhabi 2030 reform initiative.  He was recently appointed as the Executive Director of CT Chapter of ASCD. Patrick is also a proud husband of 15 years and lives in Colchester, CT with his wife Shelly and his son Galen.

Last Updated: January 10, 2012