Prof. Elaine A. Previte

November Institute Presenter

Prof. Previte has thirty years' experience in teaching mathematics at the college level, often introducing new curricula and technology to her institution. She has twice served as president of the New England Mathematical Association on Two-Year Colleges (NEMATYC) and has been a delegate to the national group, AMATYC, for many years. In addition, she has been active in teacher professional development as a long-time associate of EduTron; she was also one of the first college faculty members in Massachusetts to deliver the INTEL Math teacher development program. Previte has a Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics from Rhode Island College, a Bachelors in Economics and Management from RIC, and a MBA from the University of Texas. As a tenured professor of mathematics, she is currently the Dean for Teaching and Learning at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA.

Last Updated: November 22, 2011