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RFP #SA-01
Professional Development for Advanced Coursework in STEM

Program Questions

  1. Question: Would PBS Teacherline Online Course be eligible content for this RFP?

    Answer: According to the Services to be Performed section of the RFP, “A Professional Development program for Advanced Coursework in STEM will consist of at least two programs from the following lists. At least one program must be:

    One program may be from the following list:

    • University course(s) from accredited institutions in the STEM disciplines; or
    • Training in presenting a research course in the STEM disciplines.”

  2. Question: Would a proposal be considered for funding if it did include workshops, institutes, or courses that were similar in structure and substance to a College Board endorsed Pre-AP/AP Workshop/Institute or an IB authorized course, but were not officially endorsed by the College Board or IB?

    Answer: Yes, but it must also include the required programs, described in the Services to be Performed,

  3. Question: The program description “must provide a one (1) page narrative summary of the program”. Will a proposal still be considered for funding if it exceeds the one page summary limit? Is there a points penalty for exceeding the one page limit?

    Answer: Yes, the proposal will still be considered as long as the Project Narrative does not exceed 25 single-spaced 8 ½ x 11 pages in Times New Roman font, standard style 12-point font and one inch margins. There is no penalty for exceeding the one-page limit, as long as the total does not exceed 25 pages.

  4. Question: Are the resumes of key personnel part of the project narrative, or can the resumes be included in an appendix and not considered as part of the 25 page technical proposal?

    Answer: Yes, resumes may be included in an Appendix and not be considered part of the 25 page technical proposal.

  5. Question: What level of support would we receive from participating schools/districts in terms of obtaining student data that could allow us to link students to specific teachers who may have participated, in addition to other student outcome data like state test scores?

    Answer: This process to obtain student data is to be developed by the vendor and school districts. The Evaluation Plan states “Describe the process used to determine the percentage of students in classrooms of participating teachers who improve their performance in STEM courses, whether face to face, blended, or online.”

  6. Question: Page 15 of the RFP refers to a plan for “statewide” implementation of the STEM PD.  It’s the only place in the RFP where a “statewide” plan is mentioned.  Are you seeking statewide implementation above and beyond the targeted districts, lowest performing schools, and 3 tiers of teachers stated in the RFP?  Or is “statewide” implementation represented by the targeted districts?

    Answer: Statewide Implementation refers to teachers from all regions of New York State according to the Required Regional Distribution of Participating Teachers table found in the Services to be Performed 2).

  7. Question: What are your requirements, if any, for the teacher application/selection process? 

    Answer: As stated in the Services to be Performed section:

    • NYSED will create an application for eligible participants
    • NYSED will provide the application to the Contractor
    • Contractor will distribute the application and solicit responses from eligible school districts
    • School Districts complete application and return to Contractor
    • Contractor reviews applications and recommends teacher participants to NYSED
    • NYSED makes the final determination of the participants in the program

  8. Question: Will NYSED provide recommendations on the selection criteria most important to NYSED to improve the fidelity of the teacher recommendations?

    Answer: Yes. NYSED will create the application to select the teacher for participation and will make the final determination of the participants in the program.

  9. Question: Is an online application process acceptable?

    Answer: No, NYSED will provide the applications.

  10. Question: Best practice research indicates that administrative support is necessary for the success of projects of this scope.  Is the inclusion of administrators from the targeted districts/schools in some aspects of the planned professional development acceptable?

    Answer: No, this RFP is to provide professional development services to teachers.

  11. Question: Is it the expectation of NYSED that the project will be evaluated internally (by the vendor) or externally (by an outside party)?

    Answer:  It the expectation of NYSED that the project will be evaluated internally.

  12. Question: What does NYSED consider an appropriate pre-and post- test of pedagogical skill and content knowledge?

    Answer: The vendor will choose the pre and post assessments based on the requirements outlined in the Evaluation Plan.

  13. Question: Is it the responsibility of the bidder to provide the application to district personnel for distribution to and collection from teachers, or is it the responsibility of the bidder to distribute to and collect applications directly from teachers, with district personnel in the communication loop?

    Answer: According to the Services to be Performed section of the RFP, “Contractor will distribute the application and solicit responses from eligible school districts. School Districts complete application and return to Contractor.”

  14. Question: Will districts be required to collect and forward all applications to the bidder, or will the districts conduct an application screening process and provide the screened applications to the bidder?

    Answer: The Districts will provide the screened list of applicants to the bidder.

  15. Question: Does the required PD include instruction for teachers in effective teaching practices in delivering online and blended instruction?

    Answer: Yes, the Services to be Performed states “Provide teaching and learning experiences and activities that support the educator in furthering instructional practice in face to face, blended, and online environments in the STEM disciplines.”

  16. Question: It states that the “final report” is due on 9/15/2014.  Please clarify if you want the final report to reflect all 3 project years, or just one final report for the final summer semester?  Or, both? 

    Answer: The final assessment report should reflect all three project years.

M/WBE Questions

  1. Question: Does the use of businesses that are recognized or have received certification as minority and women owned in States other than New York count toward the 17% MBE and the 12% WBE requirements?

    Answer: The M/WBE firm(s) must be registered or certified by New York State Division of Minority and Women-Owned Business Development.
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  2. Question: If a vendor does not utilize subcontractors to perform any services proposed in response to this solicitation and, therefore, cannot meet the M/BWE requirements outlined, does this disqualify the vendor?  If not, how would you like the vendor to officially address this in the proposal?

    Answer: The M/WBE requirements are reasonably attainable in this competitive procurement. M/WBE participation includes any and all services, materials, and supplies purchased from New York State certified minority and women owned firms. Utilizing Minority and Women-Owned firms will be applied toward the goals. In an effort to prevent the possibility of any adverse affect or disqualification, the M/WBE Coordinator is available to assist bidders in meeting the goals of this RFP. The M/WBE Coordinator can be reached at

Fiscal Questions

  1. Question: It appears that the Cost Proposal requires three separate budgets, one for each of the cost options.  Is this a correct assumption?

    Answer: Yes. As stated in the RFP, bidders are required to submit separate cost proposals for each of three options of ranges for teacher participation.

  2. Question: Are costs associated with PD, such as teacher stipends, pay for substitutes, or teacher travel related to PD, to be included in the bidder’s project budget?  Or will these costs be funded from a different source?

    Answer: As stated on each Cost Proposal Option form, the total cost per teacher must include all associated costs for the entire contract period (12/1/11 through 8/31/14).

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