2012–2014 Commissioner's Schools – Dissemination Grant

Saratoga Springs City School District

District Overview

Saratoga Springs City School District CSD is located in Saratoga County, approximately 30 miles north of Albany, New York.  The district was identified by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as having two of the highest performing elementary schools in New York State. The Saratoga Springs CSD proposes to disseminate its specific instructional practices aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).

District-identified Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement

Saratoga Springs CSD reports that its strategies around the use of data, response-to-intervention (RTI), and parent involvement have created a culture of excellence in the district, emphasizing accountability, growth, and collective responsibility of the entire school community for student success.  The specific instructional strategies aligned with the Common Core include: 

  1. Assessment and daily use of data to guide instructional decisions;
  2. Utilizing the Response to Intervention model, benchmarks, flexible grouping and modified instruction; and
  3. Involving parents in the educational process through a variety of programs and feedback mediums.

Proposed Outcomes

As a Dissemination Grant School, the Saratoga Springs CSD intends to make its instructional program accessible to Replication Grant Schools through multiple forms of media and by providing guided support in replicating its key features. As a result of partnership through this grant, Saratoga CSD suggests a Replication Grant School should expect:

  1. A manual that explicitly codifies the Saratoga CSD strategies in the areas of RTI, its data-driven instructional system, parental engagement techniques, and systems of professional collaboration;
  2. Embedded school practices and the development of site-specific tools and resources achieved through a series of collaborative interactions with the Saratoga CSD Best Practices Dissemination Team; and
  1. Systemized and formalized RTI processes with revised curriculum maps and intervention manuals.

Dissemination Plan

The Saratoga Springs CSD will provide the following to each Replication Grant School with which it has partnered:

  1. A dedicated website to house tools, resources, webinars, training videos and links designed to improve instructional practice;
  2. Four on-site visits annually, by a district-led team, to assess needs and deliver site-specific professional development in the Replication Grant School;
  3. On-site experience at one of the two Saratoga Springs CSD elementary schools to observe the system as it is delivered in practice; and
  4. Establishment of a mentorship relationship between the Replication Grant School principal and a Saratoga CSD school principal which includes monthly telephone contact and ongoing e-mail technical assistance.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the Saratoga CSD Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant proposal and partnership opportunity as a Replication Grant School, please contact:

Michael Piccirillo, Superintendent
Saratoga Springs City School District
3 Blue Streak Blvd.
Saratoga Springs, NY  12866
(518) 583-4700

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