Request for Qualification (RFQ)
Teacher and Principal Evaluation: Qualifications for Student Assessments to Be Used by New York State Districts for a Portion of Teachers' and Principals' Evaluations


In order to implement the provisions of Education Law §3012-c, regarding annual professional performance reviews of classroom teachers and building principals, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) is soliciting applications for assessments that will be used as measures of student achievement or growth and will subsequently contribute to teachers’ and principals’ annual performance appraisals. THIS SOLICITATION WILL NOT RESULT IN A CONTRACT WITH THE NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. NYSED will use the objective criteria specified within to review such applications for addition to The List of Approved Student Assessments for Use by School Districts and BOCES in Teacher and Principal Evaluations (“Approved Assessment List”) (see RFQ document for definition of “BOCES”).


The following sections describe the entities who qualify as eligible applicants and who therefore, may submit applications in response to this Request for Qualifications.

(A) Eligible Applicants are Copyright Owners or Assessment Representatives of the Assessment Being Proposed

To the extent authorized by law, entities eligible to apply to provide educator evaluation assessment services include, but are not limited to:

  • Private for-profit companies, including but not limited to test publishers and research organizations;
  • Nonprofit organizations;
  • Institutions of Higher Education;
  • Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).

Each approved Copyright Owner or Assessment Representative will be responsible for meeting the terms of its agreement with the LEA.

(B) Eligible Applicants Also Include LEAs (“School Representative”), Who are Authorized to Submit An Application On Behalf of the Copyright Owner/Assessment Representative of an Assessment Used or Planned to be Used in the LEA

The following section contains new information in regards to eligible applicants.

LEAs are eligible to submit an application for this RFQ on behalf of the Copyright Owner of an assessment and/or an Assessment Representative for an assessment used or planned to be used in their schools, provided that the LEA receives approval from the Copyright Owner/Assessment Representative to submit an application for the assessment for this RFQ, and the Copyright Owner/Assessment Representative is an eligible entity listed in 2.1(A), above.

If an entity is submitting an application on behalf of the Copyright Owner/Assessment Representative of the assessment, Form F: Approval to Submit on Behalf of Copyright Owner/Assessment Representative (located in this RFQ) must be included in the RFQ application. This form must be signed by the Copyright Owner/Assessment Representative for the assessment being proposed. See Form F and Section 3.4: Application Package Checklist for more information.

An assessment submitted by an LEA, if approved and placed on the Approved Assessment List, will be available for use by any LEA, pursuant to an agreement with the Copyright Owner/Assessment Representative and/or Assessment Provider.


Sections 2.2 and 2.3 of the full RFQ document describe the mandatory requirements documentation that must be submitted for assessments to be reviewed and possibly included on New York’s Approved Assessment List. All evidence submitted in conjunction with an application will be reviewed by the NYSED-identified evaluation team. Evaluations will be guided by the Testing Standards.

In evaluating assessments and building the Approved Assessment List, strong preference will be given to applications that show that the Copyright Owner/Assessment Representative has a history of developing assessments of student learning (achievement or growth) for the purpose of defensible judgments about educator effectiveness.

Applicants may diverge from the required documentation in any part of Section 2.2 if appropriate for the assessment being proposed and if justification is provided. If evidence does not currently exist for one or more of the criteria for Section 2.2, the Applicant must submit a detailed plan for how evidence will be generated.


Questions and Answers are now posted.


Questions and Answers from the last round of the assessments RFQ are posted below for reference:


All applicants shall submit all required materials as follows. All required materials must be received by NYSED by the due date of Monday, July 16, 2012 in order to be considered by districts for use in the 2012-13 school year. The application period will be re-opened to allow for additions to the Approved Assessment List prior to the 2013-14 school year, and applicants must submit using the RFQ requirements that are posted at that time. Applications received after July 16, 2012 and submitted in response to this current RFQ will not be considered, and must be resubmitted pursuant to the next RFQ process.


Original RFQ Posting Date: June 4, 2012

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