RFQ Number: GT-17


Surveys of P-12 Students or Families for Use in Teacher Evaluations

Surveys of P-12 Students, Families, or Teachers for Use in Principal Evaluations


  1. Question: Will the survey(s) be administered via the web, paper, over the phone, etc, all the above? Will they be in multiple languages or just English?

    Answer: This RFQ does not establish requirements for survey administration. The methods for administration will be determined by the survey providers, in agreement with the individual LEAs.

  2. Question: The survey RFQ link is broken on the NYSED website. Can you please send a live link?

    Answer: Survey RFQ information can be found at the NYSED Race to the Top page under the Great Teachers and Leaders section: http://usny.nysed.gov/rttt/rfq/evalsurvey/home.html

  3. Question: If an item has response choices that are different from the rest of the survey, should they be included in the Survey Item Text section?

    Answer: Response choices may be included in the survey item text section on Form B1.

  4. Question: Q4. If we have demographic questions that are used in feedback, but are not directly related to the teaching standards, can we include them.  This is vital giving valuable feedback.

    Answer: For the purposes of this RFQ, NYSED is only reviewing and approving teacher or principal evaluation related questions. This RFQ does not preclude districts from gathering other relevant diagnostic information through surveys, but NYSED will not review or approve those questions and/or surveys.  Survey providers should submit for review only those questions related to teacher or principal evaluation. Page 5 of the RFQ:  A survey does not need to provide evidence of alignment with every NYS Teaching Standard, but all questions in the survey administered as part of teacher evaluation need to be relevant to at least one aspect of our teaching standards. Only those questions related to NYS Teaching Standards that can be used in teacher evaluation should be submitted as part of the application. Page 10: Applicants that submit survey instruments that include questions not related to NYS Teaching Standards will be asked to re-submit a survey form with only relevant questions within five business days of notice. Applicants that fail to meet this deadline will not be approved.

  5. Question: For Teacher evaluation, we would like to submit 3 surveys, elementary, Early Years, and Secondary.  Do applicants have to fill out three of each Table 1.1, etc.?

    Answer: Page 4 of the RFQ states that applicants must submit separate applications for surveys that are substantively different in content.

  6. Question: The template provided does not allow applicants the ability to add survey items to show alignment with the standards.  Will it be acceptable to recreate that table to better show that alignment.  For example, the grey input box is only in the right hand column.

    Answer: This issue has been addressed. Text can be entered into all form fields on Form B1. Please use for your application the RFQ Word document that is currently posted on the NYSED website. In instances where a survey form contains more items than the RFQ document allows, Form B1 may be substituted with a table containing all of the same elements with additional rows.   Applications that do not contain all of the same table elements will not be approved.

  7. Question: The application only allows applicants to fill in forms, but the added text is very light when printing out. Are there any suggestions for applicants so that the applications print out darker?

    Answer: The RFQ document has been edited to allow for darker printing and has been reposted.

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