RTTT Annual Program Report (APR)

RTTT Year 3 (2012–13) Annual Program Report (APR)

The 2012-13 Annual Program Report is now available in the business portal. RTTT Participating School Districts and Public Charters are required to submit the RTTT Final Expenditure Report (FER) and RTTT Annual Program Report (APR) in the ARRA Reporting System.

As a condition of RTTT, NYSED collects data from LEAs on an annual basis about (Part 1) whether or not the percent of students proficient in Grade 4 and 8 ELA / Math has exceeded the performance target set by the LEA, and (Part 2) whether the percent proficient for various demographic groups (known as the “Gap Closing” table) have been met.

With the institution of Common Core Learning Standard (CCLS) aligned assessments in RTTT year 3, it is necessary to re-set original State and LEA Performance Baselines and Annual Performance Targets which will require recomputing expected gains with at least two years of CCLS assessment data. Because there are numerous other evaluative systems in place to track change over time on the new exams (e.g., the ESEA Waiver), NYSED will have similar data from other sources and therefore not collect data on Annual Performance Targets for SY12-13 and SY13-14 in the RTTT Annual Program Report.

Submission and approval of the Annual Program Report must be completed prior to the closeout of 4-year participating LEAs and submission of the 2014-15 extension budgets.

Questions regarding RTTT Final Expenditure and Annual Program Reporting process should be sent to RTTT@mail.nysed.gov.

Last Updated: April 29, 2014