Invitation for Submissions

Curriculum Content for Grades 9-12 English Language Arts (ELA)

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is seeking, from educators and other service providers at all levels of New York’s educational system, submissions of curriculum content for Grades 9-12 English Language Arts (ELA) that support rigor, quality, and alignment in the implementation of the New York State Common Core Learning Standards, and that are based on texts that have been chosen by NYSED for a contract to create a set of 9-12 ELA modules.



As part of the Regents Reform Agenda, New York State is leading the way in articulating rigor, quality, and alignment in school and classroom materials and practice associated with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in grades P-12 in English language arts (ELA). By the fall of 2013, grades K-12 will be in full implementation of the new standards.

Commitment and Rationale

Given that New York State is the first state to contract for development of a full complement of P-12 curricular materials and accompanying professional development associated with the Common Core State Standards, NYSED is inviting educators and other services providers at all levels of New York’s educational system, who have developed Grades 9-12 ELA curriculum modules that are aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards, to submit those curriculum modules for publication on so that they are available to all teachers to supplement the State's high school offerings in ELA that will be developed under the contract. A diversity of instructional support materials will be prudent and appreciated to provide greater choice and flexibility for teachers.

New York State is fortunate to have a multitude of talented and dedicated educators and other service providers who develop instructional support materials at every level of the educational system. Classroom teachers are developing innovative approaches and curriculum materials in response to the Common Core, as well as lesson plans and materials designed to assist students with particular educational needs. New York’s higher education institutions, through teacher preparation programs and professional development courses for current teachers, provide support and training for curriculum development activities and the instructional skills needed to implement them in the classroom. New York has nationally-recognized education experts and support organizations that provide professional development and other services to educators within the State to enhance their classroom skills. New York also has preeminent providers of commercial educational services, who have also developed curriculum and instructional materials that they may choose to be made available to local educators at no cost.

Recognizing the need for new and diverse curriculum and instructional support materials, and also recognizing that ongoing efforts must be self-sustaining as much as possible in these times of fiscal challenge and restraint, NYSED is seeking submissions from educators and other service providers at all levels, from the classroom to commercial entities, who are willing to share their expertise and creativity with other educators in the State at no cost, through, a Web-based service provided by NYSED as a resource for educators implementing the Common Core Learning Standards and the Regents Reform Agenda.

Description of Project Scope

While we continue to partner with our Curriculum vendor on the development of a formal and comprehensive set of 9-12 ELA modules, NYSED wishes to invite any and all curriculum developers to submit 9-12 ELA curricular materials that successfully (meeting the criteria below) build learning experiences using the texts that NYSED has chosen for the curriculum module development contract (see the Grades 9-12 ELA lists found at

We are, therefore, seeking on an ongoing basis—until a to-be-determined date in the future—excellent, Common Core curriculum modules for ELA 9-12. In the spirit of capturing cutting edge and innovative instructional practices in ELA and literacy aligned with the Common Core State Standards, and with the intent of providing excellent options for New York State teachers, these high quality, rigorous, and aligned materials will be shared with teachers throughout the State by being posted on for immediate use in classrooms.

In this initial Invitation, we are seeking entire curriculum modules that support roughly 8-12 weeks of instruction. We believe that this approach will give the biggest immediate assistance to other educators, who then can use the modules to develop their own lesson plans and other materials. We will continue exploring ways for educators to share their innovations and other instructional materials for the benefit of the entire educational community.

Selection Process

NYSED invites submissions on an ongoing basis, to be reviewed through a process of rapid review and revisions. These submissions will be:

  • Recorded and receipt will be acknowledged via email;
  • Reviewed by an panel of experts who have been trained and approved by Student Achievement Partners as having been calibrated in use of the Tri-State Rubric and judging CCSS ELA curricular materials against the Publishers Criteria;
  • Because this initial Invitation is meant to collect materials that need only minor revisions and can be posted to EngageNY very quickly, the panel will determine which submissions require revisions that could be completed for final acceptance and posting in a short period of time (e.g., one week) and with minimal additional effort. The panel will share targeted feedback only in those cases where this feedback can be incorporated and revisions made within this short time period. Once revisions have been successfully incorporated, submissions will be posted for public use.
  • If a submission requires more extensive revision and thus is not amenable to the quick turn-around time desired for this project, submitters will be notified via email as soon as is practicable. In these instances, it is unlikely that NYSED will have the capacity to provide substantive feedback, but areas of concern in the Tri-State Rubric will be identified whenever possible. NYSED strongly encourages the submitter to consider any comments made by the reviewers and continue to revise the materials so that they can meet the criteria and be resubmitted at a later date. We appreciate receiving materials that are as diverse as possible, and recognize that meeting the standards for public sharing may require more time for some types of items.

There will be no appeal process for submissions that are not selected for posting on EngageNY.

Once approved for posting, and published on EngageNY, the curriculum materials are subject to being removed from EngageNY if, in the sole determination of NYSED, the materials no longer comply with the requirements of this Invitation, or do not comply with then-current applicable laws and regulations, or for other good cause. Because of possible changes in email addresses or other information, NYSED cannot provide personal notification of any such removal from EngageNY.

Ownership and License

The authors of the submitted materials will retain ownership and copyright title in the materials that they submit, and the materials will have an attribution acknowledging the author. However, by submitting materials for public sharing pursuant to this Invitation, the submitter will be giving his or her consent to the selected materials being published on and also being made available to the public through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. See for important information about the terms of this license.

This license would permit other persons or entities, including NYSED, to use the posted material, make modifications and derivatives, and use the materials in any other ways permitted by the license, so long as the original material is properly attributed to the original author, not used for commercial purposes, and shared with others using the same Creative Commons license.

Because the entire focus of this Invitation is to encourage sharing of high quality resources with the entire education community for their use, parties who do not wish to make their materials available to the public through this license should not respond to this request.

Materials that are submitted for review, but are not accepted for publication, will not be deemed to be subject to the license described in this section of the Invitation.

After posting on EngageNY, the published modules likely will be subject to substantial feedback from the field and further revisions may be made, consistent with the terms of the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. As noted above, NYSED cannot provide personal notice to the author in the event of such modification.

The table below outlines the criteria and requirements for submissions to this Invitation:



Relevant documents

Standards Addressed Lessons, units and modules must be aligned to NYS 9-12 Common Core Learning Standards.
Ingredients All accepted submissions will consist of Module overviews, Unit overviews, and lesson plans (or, alternatively, sequences of activities which unfold flexibly over the course of several lessons), with the assumption being that a module support roughly 8-12 weeks of instruction.  
Shifts Submissions are expected to integrate each of the Shifts clearly into lessons, units and modules.
Publisher’s Criteria Submissions must take into account the Publisher’s Criteria in plans to develop lessons, units and modules.
Tri-state Rubric Submissions are expected to conform with the Tri-state Rubric in plans to develop and review lessons, units and modules.
Text-Dependent Questions Submissions must include text dependent questions.
Close Reading (short texts) Submissions require students to read 3-5 sufficiently complex short texts on their own and gather evidence, knowledge, and insight from those texts.
Use of Text list Submissions must use NYS Grades 9-12 Text Selections document in the building of Lessons, units and Modules. It is the assumption that the preponderance of the texts in the list will be used, although not all texts will be used in their entirety. Furthermore, submitters are encouraged to use the texts in a particular grade in the sequence that works best for their module.
In-depth study of an extended text Modules should include an in-depth study of an extended text such as a novel, play, or longer literary non-fiction or informational text.  
Research Project Modules should include one short research project that would require building knowledge, studying sources, and comparing texts. (Can be combined with Argumentation below.)  
Argumentation Modules should include multiple opportunities and explicit instruction on writing arguments in support of text-based claims, as both on-demand writing tasks and writing products that involve multiple drafts and revisions. (Can be combined with Research Project above.)  

Lessons, units and modules must include resources for students reading well below grade level and/or students with compounded skill deficits.

Lessons, units and modules can include resources for English Language Learners and students with disabilities



All curriculum modules proposed for publishing on and sharing in accordance with this Invitation should be submitted in editable electronic format as soon as possible, but will be accepted on an ongoing basis until a to-be-determined date in the future, by email to (ELA Invitation for Submissions).


Original Posting Date: March 26, 2013

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