The Network Team Institute: About

Network Teams and Network Team Equivalents are New York State's vehicle for implementing the reforms associated with Race to the Top and the Regents Reform Agenda. They are 3-15 person teams located around New York State (about 800 individuals total), who work in close partnership with districts and schools to build the capacity of New York educators around our three school-based initiatives: The Common Core State Standards, Data Driven Instruction, and Teacher–Leader Effectiveness.

While New York State is taking full advantage of its new educator engagement website, to provide materials, tools, and resources to support the hard work of Network Teams, it is at the Network Team Institutes where the essential adult learning, collaboration, and professional development is occurring. The Institutes are robust and intensive learning experiences designed to build the capacity of Network Team members so that they might, in turn, build the capacity of principals, teachers, coaches, and district leaders on the three school-based initiatives. Participants leave more informed on the initiatives, on ways to drive change at the school- and district-levels, and prepared to turnkey these professional development experiences locally.

Last Updated: August 29, 2012