Notice of Intent: Education Data Portal
(updated 04/12/12 with revised dates)

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) intends to release requests for proposals (RFPs) for products and services to develop, test, deploy, and support an Education Data Portal (EDP). The goals of the EDP procurements are to:

  • Make student data available to New York’s educators, students, and their families to support instruction and student learning.
  • Make curriculum and instructional resources available to New York’s educators and families to support instructional improvement and professional development.
  • Create sustainable and open technology that promotes innovation, flexibility, and choice and enables local education agencies (LEAs), schools, and regional organizations to develop or procure additional applications or new functionality more rapidly and at reduced cost.
  • Leverage emerging technology interoperability standards for education applications to remove barriers to innovation and scaling of successful tools for personalizing learning.

NYSED is seeking to support at least three primary use cases through the EDP procurements:

  • Educators use data to help identity student educational needs and have integrated access to aligned State-provided and user-generated curriculum and instructional resources. Access between data dashboards and curriculum and instructional resources should be provided within the EDP single sign-on environment by means of intuitive navigation, access to integrated search functions, and, optionally, embedded recommendation engines.
  • Parents (or guardians) view their child’s data and have a common framework within which to structure communications with educators.
  • Students enrolled in grade six and above access data elements available to educators and parents as part of their preparations for college and career readiness.

NYSED will leverage existing and planned assets, in addition to new contracts awarded via two RFPs to acquire the technology, products, and services required to successfully deploy and support the EDP. The two EDP procurements are:

  • EDP Data Dashboards RFP: The EDP Data Dashboards procurement is a request for third-party hosted software applications for presenting educators, students, and families with timely and relevant data that support instruction and student learning, within the EDP single sign-on environment. It is NYSED’s intent to award contracts to as many as three (3) Data Dashboard solutions vendors and to enable Local Education Agencies (LEAs) or schools to select their local solution from among the awarded contracts.
  • EDP Content Management and System Services RFP: The EDP Content Management and System Services RFP includes all of the services needed to develop, test, deploy, and support the EDP that are not included in the Data Dashboards RFP. The EDP Content Management and System Services RFP includes development of a Content Management and Collaboration tool, an integrated portal/presentation layer solution, as well as overarching EDP project management, integration, support, help desk, and other professional services.

NYSED believes that the EDP goals can be best met by collaborating with multiple states to ensure interoperability, reusability, and security of some of the core technology components required.

New York, along with Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, are Phase I and II states participating in the Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC; see external link icon). NYSED will leverage the data store and application interfaces of the Shared Learning Infrastructure (SLI) in implementation of the EDP. It is expected that all data to be displayed by the data dashboards will be sourced through the SLI using its standard interfaces and services.

Vendors who plan to respond to these RFPs are strongly encouraged to review the SLI technical specifications at external link icon to ensure that proposed solutions will be compatible with the SLI.

The RFP Process

NYSED expects to issue both RFPs on April 20, 2012.

Other tentative deadlines and dates of interest include:

Letter of Intent May 4, 2012
Mandatory Bidder’s Conference (in Albany) May 11, 2012
Optional SLC Bidder’s Conference
(web conference)
May 16, 2012 @ 12:30pm ET
Question Submittal Deadline May 18, 2012
Question Response Release May 25, 2012
Proposals Due June 15, 2012

Notice of NYSED’s RFPs for this procurement opportunity will be made available at:

At the time of the official RFP posting, NYSED anticipates that providers will have approximately eight (8) weeks to submit proposals.

If you would like to receive an email notification when the RFPs are posted, please email and indicate in the subject line, "Email me when RFP is posted."

Last Updated: February 7, 2014