ARRA Reporting System Open for Quarter 1 – 2011 ( March 7, 2011)

The ARRA Quarterly Reporting System is now open to collect the first quarter 2011 data required of all ARRA recipients.  It is pre-populated with the fourth quarter 2010 data for the period ending December 31, 2010, as certified and submitted by each sub-recipient. Previous reports may be selected from the drop-down box, but in "read-only" form, for reference only.  All changes must be made in the current period reporting selection.  For each fund received, sub-recipients should review the existing narrative(s), job creation and saved numbers, infrastructure amounts where applicable and vendor information. Sub-recipients should make changes as appropriate to reflect activity through the 15th of the final month of the current reporting period for each fund. The Superintendent or chief executive must complete the process by certifying and submitting each fund, whether or not there have been additions or corrections to the data

   As with the first ARRA reporting, sub-recipients will submit expenditure data to draw down funds from NYSED's Grants Finance Office and Grants Finance will report this information to the ARRA reporting system for inclusion in the quarterly report.  Sub-recipients do not report expenditure data directly in the ARRA reporting system.

   NOTE: This is the first quarterly report for 2010-11 ARRA Education Jobs Fund awards. Consistent with other ARRA awards, sub-recipients will report only jobs saved or retained that were funded directly with EJF funds in this quarter. As there are no vendor expenditures allowed under this award, there will be no reporting screen for vendor payments. 

Recent Changes

    Sub-recipient Superintendents and CEOs now have the ability to unsubmit their report themselves, if they wish to make a change before SED approval. If the current report has already been approved, please contact the appropriate grant program office or send an email to:

   Individual projects under each award are now displayed on the main page in either a Completed Project section or Open Project section. Sub-recipients will only report on the open projects each quarter. Information on closed projects is still viewable under the approved project amount for reporting. Similarly, vendor information will be shown separately for open or completed projects on the vendor page. Note that there is an expand/contract button next to each to view additional detail. 

Education Jobs Fund (EJF) Quarterly Reporting

   Sub-recipients with an approved 2010-11 Budget Summary and Narrative, as shown in the on-line ARRA system, will begin reporting on this fund this quarter. Note that those sub-recipients that indicated all funds will be spent in the next school year, 2011-12, will not need to report this quarter. Also, any district that has not submitted a Budget Summary at this time will not report until a budget is submitted and approved.A budget summary will be filed for all remaining funds in the on-line ARRA system this summer for the 2011-12 school year.

Amending 2010-11 Education Jobs Fund (EJF) Budget Summary and Narrative

   Education Jobs Fund sub-recipients with an approved 2010-11 Budget Summary and Narrative may amend their budgets in the system if there is a change in budgetary circumstances, up to the full two-year allocation amount, if necessary. Please do not file an amended submission unless you fall into this category and there is a narrative or budget change.  

FTE Calculations

   Recent federal guidance directs that 10-month employees be counted as one FTE in each reporting quarter, including the summer quarter, assuming they work a full-time schedule. Summer school teaching hours are considered additional hours and should therefore be calculated as a percentage of a regular full-time schedule for a full quarter. A teacher that works both the full-time 10 month schedule and summer school would be counted as 1.0 FTE plus the percent that the summer employment is of a full-time schedule for a full quarter (e.g., 1.0 + 0.5 = 1.5 FTEs).   

District Contacts

    We have added a link on each fund page that shows the person currently authorized to submit and certify each application or report, along with the person(s) authorized in NYSED’s Delegated Account System (SEDDAS) to enter data only. This will allow us to contact the appropriate person directly to obtain additional information or correct issues.  Superintendents and CEOs must perform the final task of certifying and submitting data submitted by data entry personnel.

Time Line

   Reports are due from all sub-recipients by March 31, 2011. NYSED will compile and submit the data from all sub-recipients to the federal government. The federal government will then review the data, request corrections as needed and publish final results on on April 30, 2011.  


Last Updated: February 6, 2014